Kirby Fighters 2 Unlockable Characters

Welcome to our Kirby Fighters 2 Unlockable Characters Guide. With this guide, you will be able to see what you need to unlock buddy characters like Meta Knight and King Dedede and all the copy ability Fighters in Kirby Fighters 2.


Unlockable Copy Abilities

Kirby Fighters 2 Unlockable Characters

First and foremost, we have listed all the unlockable Copy Ability Fighters. These are unlocked naturally as you increase your Fighters Rank. You start off with the Sword, Bomb, and Staff abilities, and Bandana Waddle Dee is already unlocked as a buddy.

Rank 2 – Wrestler (Ability)
Rank 3 – Gooey (Buddy)
Rank 6 – Yo-Yo (Ability)
Rank 10 – Beam (Ability)
Rank 11 – Beetle (Ability)
Rank 13 – Hammer (Ability)
Rank 16 – Fighter (Ability)
Rank 21 – Artist (Ability)
Rank 24 – Cutter (Ability)
Rank 27 – Whip (Ability)
Rank 28 – Archer (Ability)
Rank 30 – Water (Ability)
Rank 31 – Parasol (Ability)
Rank 33 – Ninja (Ability)
Rank 37 – Bell (Ability)
Rank 39 – Magalor (Buddy)


Unlocking Meta Knight

Meta Knight is a playable character in Kirby Fighters 2 but he has to be unlocked first. In order to unlock him, you will need to beat Chapter 5 in Story Mode. It will take some time and plenty of effort but after you teach King Dedede and Meta Knight a lesson in pain, you will unlock Meta Knight on the fighter roster.

Kirby Fighters 2 Unlockable Characters


Unlocking King Dedede

King Dedede is another playable character in Kirby Fighters 2. Much like Meta Knight, King Dedede has to be unlocked by playing Story Mode. However, whereas in Chapter 5 where you had to only beat 30 floors, a new chapter will unlock that requires you to fight your way through 50 floors! If you are successful and give King Dedede and Meta Knight another licking, you will unlock King Dedede on the fighter roster.

Kirby Fighters 2 Unlockable Characters


We hope you find our Kirby Fighters 2 Unlockable Characters Guide useful. If you are interested in how to unlock Rare Hats in the game, be sure to check out our Kirby Fighters Rare Hats Guide here.

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