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The “Semi-Single Player” FPS Horror game Connection Haunted <SERVER ERROR> is out now on Nintendo Switch. The story-driven psychological horror game is developed by MrCiatsku and published by No Gravity Games. Inspired by the likes of No Players Online, Connection Haunted puts the player in the role of a gamer playing an online retro, first-person shooter game but the server is completely empty, or so it appears.

As you start playing the game, weird things start to happen. It turns out the server isn’t empty, it’s haunted! A mysterious Player 2 enters the game and offers to help you and explain what is going on. Do you listen or do you continue with the objective at hand? That is up to you.

Connection Haunted <SERVER ERROR> can be purchased via the Nintendo Switch eShop for $3.99/€3.99. It is not a long game and yet ironically claims the following features:

  • Classic FPS gameplay.
  • Wide selection of levels.
  • Diverse range of game modes.
  • Interesting level design.
  • Retro PSX graphics.
  • Fami̼͓͋̀ly-friendly.
  • Helpful and activȩ̹̳̓ community.
  • Stable servers

We have even recorded our own gameplay for you to check out if interested. Spoiler alert! It is essentially gameplay of the whole game in about 30 minutes.

Source: No Gravity Games PR

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