Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fireworks

The August update is in full swing for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Along with the new update, Fireworks have been introduced into the game and also a raffle hosted by Redd. Throughout August, a Fireworks display will be held every Sunday from 7 pm. Taking part in Redd’s Raffle will win you some cute prizes including sparklers, balloons, and fireworks! To help you get the most out of every Sunday, we will tell you how to create your own fireworks display and exactly what are Redd’s Raffle Prizes.

Creating Your Own Custom Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fireworks Displays

You can create quite a fireworks display by using custom designs. To do so, talk to Isabelle anytime on Sunday and ask her about creating a custom display. You will be able to choose up to 10 custom designs that you have created or downloaded. Once you have finished, Isabelle will inform you that she will have your designs ready to display during the night.

The fireworks display will begin at 7 pm and will run until 12 am. At any time, your designs will feature in the night sky in sequence at random periods. There doesn’t seem to be a definite time when they wll appear so you will have to be patient. The Fireworks will also shoot into the sky at random locations and at varied intervals. Some can be fairly distanced from each other and others can explode right on top of one another.

New Horizons Fireworks Display

Getting an extra hand in the creativity department

If you feel like you lack the creativity to make designs yourself, you can download custom designs by using the screen in the Able Sisters’ Shop. The latest update has made some serious tweaks and now allows players to search for designs with ease. You can now simply type in a name or a word for something you are looking for like Mario, or Metroid and find custom designs created and shared by other people.

Custom Designs

Redd’s Raffle Prizes

Everyone is a winner at Redd’s Raffle and you are gauranteed a prize every time. The cost of participation is 500 bells a turn and there are 12 different items up for grabs. Each item is associated with a particular number which you can see below.

No. 1 – Red sparkler
No. 2 – Blue sparkler
No. 3 – Fountain Firework
No. 4 – Bubble blower
No. 5 – Uchiwa fan
No. 6 – Pinwheel
No. 7 – Tweeter
No. 8 – Blue balloon
No. 9 – Red balloon
No. 10 – Yellow balloon
No. 11 – Green balloon
No. 12- Pink balloon
Redd's Raffle Prizes

Isabelle’s Special Gift

Every Sunday when you talk to Isabelle for the first time, she will give you special headwear for the occasion. These are boppers and they come in four variants that are given to you randomly.

Bulb Bopper
Heart Bopper
Star Bopper
Flower Bopper

Isabelle's Bopper Gift

If you would like to see The Sunday Fireworks display and Redd’s Raffle in action, you can check out some gameplay of the event in action down below.

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