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The Black communities around the world are outraged and deeply hurting after security guard George Floyd, was killed whilst detained and handcuffed by an officer of the Minnesota police. The officer had his knee crushing down on Floyd’s neck, choking him to death.

A number of large companies and businesses have spoken up and taken a stand in support of the black community against the oppression and racism that black people face every day, that stretches back hundreds of years. Nintendo America has also issued a statement on social media to show their support for the black community.

We know this isn’t our usual kind of news coverage but with the current situation in the United States that is affecting black communities around the world, we too wish to express our support. This affects all of us, including gamers. We should let black people speak up against this injustice and help them voice themselves and be heard. We must also do our part to listen. They are people too.

We do sincerely apologise if anything in this article comes across as offensive or insensitive. It is certainly not our intention and only wish to help support those who are suffering by providing awareness so other people can also lend their support.

Source: Nintendo America (Twitter)

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