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Time for some Wonder Mail action!

Wonder Mail

Ah Wonder Mail, be you letters that grant Special Job Requests, or possess handy gifts, you are a useful feature in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team and for the players who need a helping hand, here are a couple of Passwords you can use in-game, regardless of what region you’re in and what the passwords get you:

Move Strengthening Set

Password: XT498SP7


  • Power Drink x2
  • Accuracy Drink x2
  • PP-Up Drink x2

Safety Set

Password: 3XNSQMQX


  • Escape Orb x3
  • Rollcall Orb x3
  • Revive All Orb x1

Tough Battling Set

Password: H5FY948M


  • All Power-Up Orb x2
  • All Dodge Orb x3

For even more passwords, consult the following image:

From the game’s main screen, players can navigate either left or right, to access the Wonder Mail menu and input the above passwords, but in case you require a video walkthrough of the process, we have that right here:

We hope you found this guide helpful!

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