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For those of you who picked up SNACK WORLD: THE DUNGEON CRAWL – GOLD, for your Nintendo Switch and are “hungry” for a helping hand, Nintendo UK has provided a lengthy list of valuable passwords, that have a one-time use per save data and you can find these passwords, right here:

Snack World Passwords:

Item Password
Pick-a-Prize Coupon PaP4TheWin
EX-Star-P L StarrySky
Other Ore OreIsIt?
Pix-e Crystal CrystAlls
Pick-a-Prize Coupon LotsOfLuck
Tie Curry Chips ChipsRDown
Qloris Qlumber Qlothing
Karma Balm G00dKarma
Clear Crystal Sword KristlKlea
Peffany Pink PrettyInIt
Paccarat Lapa Pattern PacYourBag
Brillant Bijou JewelUse
Puss’s Pawprint CatsCradle
Clanarine Crystal Clandestin
Dettonic Cog TonicTeeth
Phantom Wing FlyFantom
Shinpi Snowflake Shimples!
Legacy Steel SeaLegs
Bewitching Base Abr4Cadabr
Dragon Heart Orb IntoOrbit
Dragon Heart Bean BeanAWhile
Dragon Heart Super-Orb Suporb
Dragon Heart Super-Bean BeanSoup

The passwords are case sensitive, so be sure to enter them exactly as they appear and as regards to how to enter them, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Open the Pix-e Pod menu
  • Select Pix-e Portal
  • Choose ‘Enter a code’
  • Choose ‘Enter password’
  • Enter any of the passwords shown above
We hope you found this guide helpful!
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