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One of the most classic items of the Animal Crossing series is the Pitfall Seed. This practical joke item causes players to fall into a hole up to their waist and flail about to get out. InĀ Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the DIY recipe for the Pitfall Seed can be found but chance would certainly be a fine thing. it is not an easy item to come across unless a friend gives one to you.


If you are lucky enough to have someone gift you a Pitfall seed (thank you very much @mortiis74!), you can learn the DIY recipe for it if you bury it in a hole and dig it up again. It is rather a simple recipe that requires 4 clumps of weeds and 6 tree branches. You will also get Nook Miles for the privilege of burying your first Pitfall Seed so its win, win!


However, you can also earn more Nook Miles if you fall into the pit as well. So should you feel in a pinch of needing a few extra Nook Miles, you can always take the leap and fall into your own trap. Bear in mind that you will only get Nook Miles for the first time you fall in the Pitfall trap.



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