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Animal Crossing New Horizons will be released officially for the Nintendo Switch on March 20th, and it is expected that the Nintendo Switch Online App will receive an update on the same day of release or soon after. With this in mind, please remember that the NookLink app might not be available right away and it is suggested that it will unlock on March 20th.

For those of you that preordered the game, version 1.1.0 of Animal Crossing New Horizons is already available for download, unlocking the multiplayer portion of the game, as well as adding preparations for the NookLink service as well as offering some in-game items. For others that are getting the game physically, an update should become available once you are ready to launch the game.

Here are a few details on the new update:

  • Special Easter event will start on April 1st and will last until April 12th
  • You will not be able to change the date on your Nintendo Switch system to try to access the Easter event
  • Multiplayer mode added to the game
  • NookLink service update: will unlock on March 20th
  • Nintendo Switch in-game item added as a gift
  • Special item (rug) available to purchase with Nook Miles.

NookLink App

Details on the Nintendo Switch Online App and NookLink:

  • Use of the Switch Online App requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription
  • NookLink will be used alongside the Nintendo Switch Online App
  • NookLink will allow you to scan QR codes patterns and custom designs from games like Animal Crossing New Leaf and Happy Home Designer
  • Designs can be downloaded via NookLink and into New Horizons
  • Switch Online app will feature chat keyboard and voice chat with other Animal Crossing New Horizons owners

For those of you who will be jumping to play Animal Crossing New Horizons on its first day (or who are already playing it), make sure to connect the game online and download the required updates to allow connectivity between the game and Switch Online app so that you can take full advantage of multiplayer and NookLink once it becomes available.

Source: Nintendo of Japan

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