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Hello everyone, welcome back to this week segment. Hopefully, someone will check this because I think the majority of gamers are already into Pokémon Sword or Shield. The Big question, of course, is “Which version did you pick?” I’d love to hear what choice you made either in the comment section or on my Twitter! 


So, I’m talking about some leaks or – if you want to name them like this – spoilers for the already released Pokémon games. I am writing this article in advance, so if you are following me on Twitter a bit more closely and see me tweeting about stuff… Well, you know now why. 

And therefore, I have to start the game immediately after getting it. I have to? Yes. I must. Let me explain why. 

One option would be to stay away from social media. Gotta be honest with you, I could do that. I try these days and it’s good for me. But I also reached 1,700+ followers on Twitter and… I’d like to keep it that way. I love investing time in my “career” (or whatever you may call it) because it became something so much more and valuable for me. 

A few days back typing away this article here, I saw a tweet on my timeline, saying that Facebook or Twitter friends, and fellow human beings you might wanna address as close to you as real-life friends, aren’t as important as the ones actually surrounding you. Well, I gotta say that’s just crap and maybe written by someone who is not very open-minded. 


Before I start rambling again, let me say that a lot of Twitter followers became my friends and I value them very much. They post so many things that made me laugh… And sometimes spoil me a bit. 

Which is totally fine, because I somehow manage to dodge spoilers/leaks online quite well. Sorry, instructions how to avoid them are not available and probably never will. 

The reason I do avoid them sometimes? I do not like to know a lot before starting a game. Which is weird, right? I write reviews, read them and sometimes even watch gameplay/review videos. But only if a game is close to release and I trust people to not be too insensitive to spoil anything in their written or filmed work.  

Well, what can I say, I am a complex and strange individual? 


Regardless, I hate leaks and spoilers, anything hyping up too much as well. It’s… exhausting. Please keep in mind that this is 100% my opinion and if you do enjoy this kind of content, continue to do so! I am disappointed when knowing to much beforehand, spoiling the fun and sort of exploration in a game. 

How do I avoid bad games? I have no idea. I mostly seem to have some sort of sixth sense or whatever. I’m glad I do, though. It’s just hard to avoid anything that might spoil you when you’re active on social media. 

Everyone on my timeline will play Pokémon Sword and Shield and hell, they should! I am looking forward to see them on their journey. Meaning they also should post about it. And that is why I must play it on release day as well. In order to not get spoiled. 

I’m making my own problems really well and often with this kind of stubborn, stupid principles of mine. I am aware of that. I could make an exception, but then all my hard work of avoiding spoilers like a Ninjask goes down the drain. 


Being on social media and always fast-forwarding when a Pokémon segment was covered on a Nintendo Direct, I got around a lot of things. But I somehow did not miss some things. I saw that there was a Mega Pikachu on my feed. As well as a Meowth. And there was some familiar, yet unfamiliar Pokémon at the same time. It even had a title of nobility, if you’d wanna say so. He reminded me of a brave warrior. 

How fitting for Sword and Shield. 

I knew how the legendary Pokémon will look like even before the cover of both editions was announced. I knew about some gym trainer, but I avoided that topic rather successful in detail. And there it was… The Ponyta. The new one, the unicorn-esque one. 

It was adorable, but at the same time it made my eyes water. It’s so beautiful – but yet exclusive to the edition I did not want to get first… Damn you, Game Freak, you knew all along! (Imagine me shaking my fist at the sky here) 

Still sticking to Sword, though, I also remember the “spoiler” that was the most bothersome for me: there will only be 400 Pokémon in the game. Which is, still, a ton. Gamers complained online, but I avoided that drama. I know that # F***YouGameFreak and also # ThankYouGameFreak was/is a thing, and I did support the second hashtag, but not the first one. That kind of negativity isn’t something I need when it comes to Pokémon. 

And that is what I secretly think and will admit out loud for the first time: Game Freak’s transparency with Pokémon is good – but it’s a shame so many leaks, spoiler or announcement always stir up such a discussion and controversity. Dividing people that love the same franchise. Ranting about some aspect in the game without seeing the whole picture. 

The game isn’t tainted if your favorite Pokémon isn’t in there. It’s the overall experience. Of course, you may be missing something. Nonetheless, you could gain something unexpected as well that made missing something not that bad anymore. 

That is why I don’t like it too much. I probably would not care too much if there would not be that much negativity attached to it. Sometimes it isn’t, another time it is fine. I also do like to dive deep into a game without knowing anything or barely at all. Knowing that a game’s good is enough for me – I’ll attach to it eventually, I guess. 

There are rare cases I did not (Looking at you, Xenoblade Chronicles 2), but it is fine with me. If it happens a fraction of times, I’m good. Otherwise, I’d be broke quickly. 

What about you? Do you like spoilers and follow up a game closely you think you’d like or a franchise you loved in the past? Or did it save you from spending money on a game you didn’t like in the end at all? 


Next week’s segment: Job hunt & me – or why I never considered working in gaming industry

Stay tuned, thanks for reading and happy gaming! 


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3 thoughts on “Lady Sugarcube’s Gamescapades #5 – Dodging spoilers On Social Media For Sword & Shield Like A Ninjask ”
  1. Personally, I hate spoilers, especially with Pokemon.
    The only real way I’ve avoided *any* kind of spoiler is… just disconnecting. XP I don’t use the internet for most things anymore – even thinking of investing in some large dictionaries/thesauri/encyclopedias just to completely avoid the internet except for fun distractions.
    Honestly, I didn’t know anything about the Pokemon drama until a day before Sword/Shield released.

    The only spoilers I got were given to me via the Nintendo Switch’s News section (sir fetched and ponyta).

    Frankly, after having beaten the game: Playing it without any other spoilers has given me even more incentive to avoid the internet… Playing it was fun. Just pure fun. With so many surprises around every corner.
    The only time I got spoiled was when I foolishly connected the game online to see what others were up to (with everyone showing off all their new pokemon before I could even run into them)… Sooo… maybe I’ll avoid doing that too in the future.

    Me? I got Shield, and started with Sobble. I’ve always been a Water Starter kind of person. The one Gen I didn’t choose a Water Starter, I regretted it (Gen IV… I loved Empoleon after I saw it). So Water Starters 4 life.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and sharing your opinion! And also reading my column.

      Obviously, I am agree with you. Spoiler for some series don’t bother you too much, but others make you furious. Like you said, the best (and probably only way) to avoid spoilers is to avoid the internet where you can. I have to say you can tip toe around it, but it’s getting harder and harder, especially if you connect with a lot of people on platforms like Twitter.

      I’m actually glad you see it the way I do/did. Being also able to discuss new things beforehand with people even before the game got released has its own charm as well – but it got out of hand quickly with Pokémon this time. It took away the fun way too much. A huge part of the Pokémon franchise was always the surprise of the creatures popping up at random in the grass. Feeling like this since the first edition I’ve ever played and got released (Red/Blue), the spoilers hit me hard on another, even more impactful level. When did you start to play Pokémon? Did you start with gen 1?

      I love the idea of yours to invest time and money to get dictionaries, just so you don’t go online too much. I think the most con against this would be that maintaining it can be costly, but I think it’ll be kicking ass on your bookshelf! Tell me if you ever did it, alright? =)

      By the way, I also had the problem with people showing their Pokémon before I could caught them. As negative as blocking or muting sounds, picking some key words to ban from your timeline can be a good way to avoid some spoilers online, especially in tweets.

      You know what, I saw the whole evolution set of Sobble after I had to choose my starter and I hesitated for a minute there. Looks so so cool! Personally, I always was drawn to the fire starter, but the water ones were often cool, too. Enjoy your journey with Sobble, maybe we can play together one day! And also thanks for the nice response to my article again. =)

      1. I started with Gen 1 (Red/Blue) too. I chose Blue, with Squirtle as my starter. I guess I’ve preferred the color blue?
        Fire Starters are cool too. That’s what I chose for Gen IV, while my gf at the time chose Piplup. Both of us ended up wanting the other’s Starter after they reached the final evolution… ^^;

        As for dictionaries, I’m still researching as to which ones are the best ones to get. It’s weird, but the newest dictionaries actually have *less* words than the old ones. A lot of words don’t get used anymore, I suppose. But as I write for a hobby, I prefer to have more words to look up/use, rather than less.
        The same goes for encyclopedias. The older ones have a lot more information than the newer ones (which is really weird). Modern age tends to like to condense/summarize information too much… I might have to visit some old bookstores to see what they have.

        Keep up the great work with your articles. It’s refreshing to read that someone does their best to avoid spoilers. Most other writers have given up entirely and just accept spoiler-culture.
        Even (or ‘especially’) without spoilers, there’s still plenty of things to write about!

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