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Okay, so Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Remastered is proving a bit tougher than you remember and you could use a little help. Or, perhaps that isn’t the case but you want to unlock some cheats anyway so you can have a merry time blasting enemies away with the Scorpion Launcher from the get-go or maybe you want to go “A-ha” and scale every level in pen & ink mode. Whatever your need, we have you covered with our list of Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Remastered Switch Cheats.

To input these cheats, you will need to pause the game and go to the Options Menu. From there, scale down the list of options until you find Enter Cheat and press A. Here you can use the on-screen keyboard to type in the following cheats.

Cheat NameCheat Code
Big Hands & Feet ModeSTOMPEM
Blackout ModeLIGHTSOUT
Pen And Ink ModeIGOTABFA
Small EnemiesPIPSQUEAK
The Big Cheat (Unlocks Everything)BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND
Zach Attack CheatAAHGOO

You can then activate Cheats in the Cheat option underneath Enter Cheat. Bear in mind that activating any cheats will stop you from earning achievements. However, you are in for a lot of fun if you do use them.

Earning Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Remastered Switch Cheats the Right Way

If, instead of typing the cheat codes in manually, you wish to earn them rightfully, you can also unlock them by beating the levels in the game. We have a list of the cheats you can unlock and on which level.

Beat Level 1: Fruity Colors Mode
Beat Level 2: Pen and Ink Mod
Beat Level 3: Gouraud Mode
Beat Level 4: Big Hands and Feet
Defeat Level 4 Boss: Big Head Mode
Beat Level 5: All Map
Defeat Level 5 Boss: Tiny Mode
Beat Level 6: All Guns
Beat Level 6 Boss: Infinite Ammo
Defeat The Primagen: All Special Items
Defeat The Primagen (2nd Time): Invincibility
Defeat Primagen (Hard Difficulty): Infinite Lives

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