A new event & summon showcase has arrived for Dragalia Lost players! The Flames of Reflection event offers a brand new story featuring the Blacksmith sisters and a brand new flame element Facility. Players can log in now to challenge new story content, & boss battles and start earning materials to level up your facility.


Three sisters work together to forge weapons at the Halidom’s smithy. There’s Ramona, who is dependable and responsible, Rena who is kind and calm, and Renee, who is cheerful and a bit of a dreamer.

Blacksmiths work behind the scenes to support the battles, but even they have a story! This is the heated tale of three women striving to reach greater heights as blacksmiths!

A new summon showcase featuring the Blacksmith sisters is also available alongside the event. Catch the official summon showcase trailer below to see these characters in action!


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