With details of the release date and the latest direct revealing new Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.  We’re going to be playing “Who’s That Pokémon?” as a means to introduce these new Pokémon! Let’s get introduced to the Flowering Pokémon Gossifleur!

Pokémon: Gossifleur


Type: Grass-type

Classification: Flowering Pokémon

Height: 1’4

Weight: 4.9lbs

Ability: Cotton Down / Regenerator


Description: Gossifleur prefers lands with clean water and air, and its pollen has a healing effect. Its pollen works on people, too, and it used to be a common folk medicine remedy for children of the Galar region to be given a tea made from this pollen when they fell ill.


It moves with the wind

Gossifleur travels over long distances by getting blown along by the wind. It controls the direction of its travels by twisting its body and petals.


Note: While the means of evolution is currently unknown, Gossifleur has been revealed to evolve into Eldegoss.


That’s all the information we have on Gossifleurwhat did you think? While some details are still a mystery, stay tuned to Miketendo64 as more information becomes available closer to launch!



Source: pokemon.com

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