With details of the release date and the latest direct revealing new Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.  We’re going to be playing “Who’s That Pokémon?” as a means to introduce these new Pokémon! Let’s get introduced to the Raven Pokémon Corviknight!

Pokémon: Corviknight


Type: Flying/Steel-type

Classification: Raven Pokémon

Height: 7’03”

Weight: 165.3lbs

Ability: Pressure / Unnerve


Description: It is said that Corviknight is the strongest Pokémon living in the skies of the Galar region. It can often be seen fearlessly soaring through the air. Many say that any Pokémon foolish enough to challenge Corviknight are sent running with just a sharp glare and cry from this fearsome Pokémon.


Use a Flying Taxi to travel from town to town!

Corviknight possess superb flying skills and high intelligence. Because of this, many of them work for the company called Galar Taxi, helping transport people from town to town.


That’s all the information we have on Corviknightwhat did you think? I know I’ll be including Corviknight on my team for my Pokémon Sword adventure! While some details are still a mystery, stay tuned to Miketendo64 as more information becomes available closer to launch!



Source: pokemon.com

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