Developer: Woblyware  / Ratalaika Games

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Version Reviewed: eShop download

Category: Platformer, Role-Playing, & Action

No. of Players: 1 player

Release Date: May 17, 2019 (EU & NA)

Price: $7.99 USD

Devious Dungeon 2 Nintendo Switch review


Devious Dungeon 2 is a 16-bit styled action adventure platformer developed by Woblyware and is a sequel to Woblyware’s earlier release of Devious Dungeon. Like the previous title, Devious Dungeon 2 has been made ready for consoles by Ratalaika Games. 



Devious Dungeon 2 follows you, the hero in his great adventure to explore this dark castle near his hometown. What lurks behind its walls? Well dungeons, danger, and loot of course! Many things may step in our hero’s way as he makes his way throughout this dark castle in search of treasure.

Does he have what it takes to challenge the ever-shifting halls & treacherous enemies before him, or will he come face to face with the summoner? Rumor has it the summoner doesn’t take well to uninvited guests….



The gameplay of Devious Dungeon 2 revolves around you exploring and taking down enemies across different randomly generated dungeons while earning money and upgrading your equipment. When you first start the game, you are given the option of 1 of 3 different classes, Barbarian, Mage, & Rogue.

These classes each feature different abilities along with their own individual stats so you get to choose how you want to play the game. With the class system, gameplay overall is still pretty straightforward, search for a key in a given level, and then search for the door to escape.

The games platforming elements although  pretty similar to other games in the genre, offer some twists. Whether jumping across small or large platforms, you’ll never know what to expect as enemies (or even a wanted mini-boss) may be waiting for you on the other side. Some levels even have you jumping down into the unknown, or even across spiked platforms/walls.

As you progress, you may also take on quests that will require you to do different tasks within dungeons in exchange for money. At the end of a given dungeon, a boss can be encountered to fight.



Devious Dungeon 2 features a variety of different content & features including some new additions not found in its predecessor. First off, the game features six different worlds that all contain five levels and a boss. Features such as the mission system, shop, upgrade system, and achievements make their return from the first game.

The mission system offers mini quests for you to complete within a dungeon for exchange for cash. These missions range from destroying objects, defeating enemies, and more! The upgrade system allows you to earn XP when an enemy is defeated, upon leveling up you’ll be given the choice to upgrade either Health, Attack, or Critical stats.


The shop system allows you to use the funds you’ve acquired from exploring to buy better potions, accessories, weapons, and armor. For those achievement hunters out there, the game also features 24 different achievements for you to hunt down.

A variety of new additions have also been added which sets itself apart from its predecessor. First off, the introduction of classes when starting a new save file. When starting a new game, you are given the option to select 1 of 3 classes each with differing stats. Barbarian, Mage and  Rogue can all be selected from and each offer their own unique special ability. For example, one of these abilities allows you to double jump.

Another new addition being the introduction of the “Wanted” mini-bosses,  a new task allowing you to hunt down wanted enemies in each dungeon. Successfully killing one will yield you a reward in the form of money.



The soundtrack of Devious Dungeon 2 features a variety of 16-bit music tracks that fit the games overall medieval aesthetic. The variety in the soundtrack can be heard when walking around the town, exploring a dungeon, or even taking down a boss and it all stays true to the games medieval nature and tone.

The game’s sound effects are also reminiscent of the medieval era. From entering a portal, to collecting coins, to swinging a weapon at an enemy, you’ll notice the games aesthetic right away.



Much like its predecessor, Devious Dungeon 2 is a 16-bit adventure sporting a pixel art aesthetic. Absolutely everything is pixelated even down to the smallest details. As with this being a sequel, some assets were reused from the original but new assets were indeed present.

The games overall performance was great. As with this game being 16-bit, there’s not much that can go wrong in terms of performance in a game as simple as Devious Dungeon 2. When played in both handheld mode and docked, there are hardly any differences to be noticed when it comes to performance.



I enjoyed the original Devious Dungeon and Devious Dungeon 2 is worthy enough to be called a sequel that builds upon its predecessor. It doesn’t offer many gameplay changes from its predecessor, but the new features alone make this a worthwhile game to pick up if you enjoyed Devious Dungeon.

A neat thing I noticed while playing, is that the “Wanted” bosses don’t just go away after you defeat them once. You can continue to find them after defeating and keep receiving nice rewards. Callbacks to the original game such as characters, weapons, and armor are all present.

For those fans who like games with replay value, there’s something for you as well. The Class system allows for you to experience the game in three different ways as each offer different styles of play.



Devious Dungeon 2 builds upon the success of its predecessor, Devious Dungeon too deliver a sequel that is worthy of its name. Although the gameplay may be similar, the features added make it worth it in the end. With that $8 price tag, it’s definitely something to consider if you’re gaming on a budget.





*A download key was provided by the Publisher for the purposes of this review

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