Feel like there aren’t enough pixelated Dungeon crawling Roguelikes on Nintendo Switch, well get ready for another as Hellmut: The Badass From Hell is coming to Switch on May 3rd. With a retail release yet to be announced, the digital version will set you back $29.99. Commit demoncide with an array of weapons and take over the bodies of other monsters. Helmut: The Badass From Hell will certainly give you the means for a pixelated mass massacre.

You can check out the official announcement below.

“Hellmut: The Badass from Hell”, the craziest roguelike ever comes to Switch on 3rd of May 2019- crazier, with insane pixel gore, fresh new couch coop mode, Tournament party mode and mini-game Invaders from Hell on the top!

Magdeburg, Germany – April 30, 2019, Publisher 2Tainment and Grindstone/Volcani.cc announce the digital release of their long awaited title “Hellmut:The Badass From Hell” for May the 3rd 2019 on Switch. Hellmut is a pixel art Roguelike praised by gamers since its first release on PC in 2018 for its wacky spirit and fast-paced gameplay in which you play various improbable creatures and slaughter furious demonic hordes!

New features include insane pixel gore level, couch coop Gauntlet mode for two players, Tournament survival mode for your parties and minigame Invaders from Hell. In addition to a large arsenal of weapon to collect, you amass souls, gold and unlock diverse ludicrous characters to incarnate. Embody monstrous entity such as the Rat King, Ghost Walker, Demonspawn, Orc Fairy, Slimeball…or any other characters born in the strange minds of developers.
Storm the dungeons and achieve a demonicide using powerful weapons and surreal special abilities. Experiment the massacre of fiends in absurd and funny ways: Cast bizarre orc spells, lead an army of rats or dip your enemies in some kind of questionable goo…

“I’m sick of this schizophrenic guy blowing up everything around even if I have to confess that I love his style!” – Lord of Hell

Explore randomly generated levels set in diverse environments and exterminate repugnant epic bosses. During your mass destruction process, you may open the dark portal leading you to challenge king Ka-ra and face some hell of a confrontation!

Unique Features:

  • Roguelike – Fight, Die, Retry. Collected monsters delay your death.
  • Transformation – Body swap between collected monsters
  • Transformation Wheel – Dynamic in-game body change
  • Randomly generated levels and bosses – Never play the same game
  • Boss fights – Obtain special rewards and add new Transformations to your collection!
  • Loot, Buy and Equip– Amass Soul stones, coin, items, weapons and buy new equipment
  • Multiple environments –Sewers, Caves, Castles and even Hell itself!
  • Challenges – Hidden challenges lead you to greater powers.
  • Local Coop Gauntlet mode for two players – play with your friend and challenge the incoming hordes
  • Play the Tournament Party mode – who can survive longer on the party?
  • Invaders from Hell minigame – play ancient coin-op arcade machine in the shop and defeat remorseless Invaders from Hell
  • Pixel Gore – watch an insane level of gore

“Controlling a swath of monsters, machines, demons, and other oddities to dive headfirst into a frantic fight and deftly swapping bodies to overcome the challenge is a very solid and fun core mechanic.” – Wes Maulby (Cubed3)

Digital Releases on 3rd May 2019
Nintendo Switch: EUR, ANZ, USA, CAN, MEX
Price: 29,99€
Retail Release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch: TBA
Age Restriction:
Nintendo Switch: PEGI – 16 / USK – 12 / ESRB digital – 10+ E

Source: IGM PR

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