The latest event in Dragalia Lost is now taking place, but be fast as you only have 7 days to complete it! The Accursed Archives features a new story, facility, and a shadow element summon showcase to help boost your Shadow element teams! Can you defeat the enemies at hand?


One fateful day, the entire population of a small village vanishes seemingly without a trace.


In order to figure out why, the prince and his friends break the seal on a mysterious library… But this led to greater mysteries still.

What awaits them is a garden of madness beyond description. Absolute and nightmarish chaos.


In a library enveloped by riddles and fear, can they discover the ultimate truth?

March 12, 2019 06:00:00 AM UTC – March 20, 2019 05:59:59 AM UTC


Event Overview:

In The Accursed Archives, you can acquire an event-exclusive facility: the Library Obscura. If you play the event, you’ll have the chance to build one for your Halidom!

The Library Obscura boosts the stats of shadow-attuned adventurers, which you’ll want to use in this event. It also boosts the damage that adventurers deal against enemies in event quests. Progress through the event story and level up your Library Obscura.

Adventurers can equip event-specific wyrmprints to receive more arcane tomes from these quests, which are used to upgrade the Library Obscura. Wyrmprints are good for more than just that, though, so try to get a hold of them to get the most out of this event!

Please note that special effects conferred by event-specific wyrmprints do not apply if you begin a quest during the event period but complete the quest after the event period has ended.

Summon Showcase: The Accursed Archives:


Featured adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints have an increased appearance rate.

Featured adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints:


5* Heinwald (shadow/staff)

5* Curran (shadow/axe)


5* Nyarlathotep (shadow)


5* The Fleeting Gil

4* First-Rate Hospitality

3* The Heretic’s Laboratory

Note: For information about other featured adventurers,dragons, and wyrmprints, tap Summon on the in-game footer menu, then check Showcase Info.


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