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While New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe may be one of the biggest Switch games releasing on January 11, one of the biggest games out on January 10, is Double Cross and although the trailer was shared sooner than it was supposed to be, due to the embargo being broken, here is the official dimension overview trailer and provided details for the upcoming adventure:

Double Cross

Double Cross Dimension Overview

Double Cross involves fireballs, karate chop master combat, massive dinosaur enemies and a unique proton slinging mechanic that allows you to grab objects and throw them, as well as get you past difficult platforming challenges.

The game is Mega Man-like and features a depth of gameplay, including the following:

  • A unique sling fighting mechanic
  • Brawling combat
  • Interdimensional levels where a different gameplay mechanic is used to complete each level
  • Character customization (upgrade your character’s skills how you see fit)
  • Nonlinear storytelling so you can pick what levels you want to play and in which order
  • A robust investigation system where you need to find clues and take them to the correct characters


 Source: Graffiti Games PR

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