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Having only just learned yesterday that Mario Tennis Aces is now sitting pretty thanks to 2.16 million says, it seems Nintendo has even more to say about the title. In an English translation of Nintendo’s presentation for the Six Months Financial Results Briefing for the 79th Fiscal Term Ending March 2019,” Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa had the following to say about it:


“A new software title named Mario Tennis Aces was released on June 22. This title meshes with the advantages of Nintendo Switch as a game that consumers can “play anytime, anywhere, with anyone” and continue to enjoy in ways that fit their different styles of play. As such, it has particular importance among all the new titles released in the first half.

This chart compares the sell-through up to the present time for Mario Tennis Aces with the sell-through of past titles in the series for the same period of time after their releases. This title made an impressive showing with even greater momentum than past titles in the series. When a new title like this is a hit that becomes an evergreen title, it rounds out our software line-up and helps to further stabilize the foundation of our business.”


 Talking of “evergreen titles,” Furukawa had the following to offer:


“A number of evergreen titles that help to maximize the appeal of Nintendo Switch are already available, including Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Splatoon 2. All of these titles were released last year and are sustaining their sales momentum.

 This chart shows the combined sell-through in Japan, the US, and Europe for the four previously mentioned titles in April and beyond. Sales have continued to grow for every title with no significant decline in the pace.

This chart compares the console attach rate for Nintendo evergreen titles in January and September of this year. As the chart shows, there was no significant change in the console attach rates for these four titles even though there was a combined sell-through of roughly 6 million systems in Japan, the US, and Europe over the course of that time. This implies that these titles are continuing to sell at a sustainable rate, and at the same pace as the hardware. We can expect the evergreen titles to continue to sell as long as the hardware continues to sell.”


By no means is this everything the Nintendo President had to say, but it is everything related to this particular story. We will be providing more coverage on his other comments within the coming hours, so please stand by.



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