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While Loyalty’s Requiem and the The Winter Flower and the Tidal Power Summon Showcase, are not set to end just yet in Dragalia Lost, already dataminers have taken the time to look into what comes next and lo and behold, plenty of new things have been discovered.

If you wish to avoid spoilers, leave now, because there are plenty here, starting with a Halloween Event by the name of Trick or Treasure and a series of images associated with the event, can be seen right here:

Along with the new event, is a new Summon Showcase and this time it concerns Halloween Fantasia. Focused adventurers and dragon are said to be:

  • Elisanne: Vampaladyn (Light 5★ Lance support character)
  • Althemia: Diametric Vampire (Light 4★ Staff healing character)
  • Edward: Bloodsucking Butler (Light 3★ Blade attack character)
  • Silke: Festive Pranker (Light 4★ dragon)


But that’s not everything though, since datamining has also revealed that there will be a new challenge battle entitled “Halloween Horrors” and an Extra Boss Battle called “Revenge of the Pumpking.” Images relating to these events can be seen here:


By completing the special raid bosses and associated story, players can unlock snack-o-lanterns, which can be used to upgrade an event specific facility. There is also an exclusive 5* wrymprint, which you can see here:

Any particular thing about this event you can’t wait for? Let us know!

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