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In case you missed the memo, on the 27th of September (this week,) the mobile title Dragalia Lost, will be making its debut in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and United States.

As a way of hyping up said release, Nintendo of America have commenced a countdown, in the form of illustrated images of Dragalia Lost characters, which are drawn by the development team. Every image shared so far, can be seen right here:

Dragalia Lost

5 Days until Release (“Main Character” and Cleo)

Dragalia 4

4 Days until Release (Zethia & Notte)

Dragalia 2

2 Days until Release (Ranzal & Elisanne)

Dragalia 1

1 Day until Release (Midgardsormr)


Service for Dragalia Lost has now Begun

For more on Dragalia Lost, why not check out the official website with the link below:

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