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As some of you may be aware, a new update for Mario Tennis Aces, releases tomorrow and as part of Version 2.0.0, a new mode is being added, Co-op Challenge.

Having taken a peak at the official patch notes, which we’ll be posting separately, details of the first challenge have been revealed and the players who are able to meet the challenge’s goal, can earn themselves three costumes for Boo. The exact wording can be seen here:

“Boo Hunt will be available from the distribution of Ver.2.0.0 on Wednesday, September 19th until 9:00 AM on Thursday, October 11th. This is a mission where you play using Swing Mode. Team up with friends online or off or find players online to work as a group of four toward achieving the challenge’s goal. (Up to four players can play on one Nintendo Switch console if there are enough Joy-Cons.) You can acquire costumes for Boo (three different colors of visors) by reaching certain challenge goals. Only players who reach the goals can acquire these costumes.”

Mario Tennis Aces Boo Hunt costumes

Incidentally, Nintendo Switch Online will be available during that time as well and although you do not need to buy it just yet as a 7 days free trial will be available for those who don’t purchase instantly. If you do endeavour to get the outfits though, we wish you the best of luck in trying.




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