Say Hello to the New My Nintendo Store! European Nintendo Stores have been Reborn and Revamped

August 6, 2018 10:57 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

For far too long the European Nintendo stores have looked unappealing when compared to the online Nintendo UK store. The latter might not have the most presentable format, but it does have a lot of goodies available and has always shown up the other European sites, but not anymore.

My Nintendo Store

The online stores have been rebranded as the My Nintendo Store” and comes with the promise of new merchandise arriving this September. But it is offering new Switch items that were previously exclusive to Japan and Japanese packaging is included.

Now, if you’re wondering why all of this seems a little familiar, it’s because something like this did happen in Japan, with their own My Nintendo Store, which ties into the My Nintendo rewards programme, but there has yet to be any mention of the same will happen with the European version. Should this change though, or more news comes, we’ll be back with an update.



Source: Nintendo via @NintenDaan (Twitter)

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