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With a new Legendary Summoning event set to begin on the last day of July (July 31,) the 9th Legendary Hero has been revealed for Fire Emblem Heroes and its Lucina!

Lucina Fire Emblem Heroes

Clearly you can never have too much Lucina, as it’s not like the game hasn’t bad its fair share of her quite yet, since other Lucina units are:

  • Lucina: Future Witness
  • Lucina: Spring Exalt
  • Lucina: Brave Princess
  • Masked Lucina, aka Marth: Enigmatic Blade


Today’s video that revealed Lucina: Glorious Archer, can be see here:

During the time in which Lucina: Glorious Archer will be available, so will a number of other Special Heroes, including the previous Legendary Heroes:

  • Robin: Fell Vessel
  • Lyn: Lady of the Wind
  • Ryoma: Supreme Samurai


For the duration of the summoning event, 5 Focus Heroes will have an 8% appearance rate, with all non 5 Heroes, set at 0%. Details for how long the banner will last, can be seen below:

07:00 am UTC (July 31, 2018) – 06:99 am UTC (August 7, 2018)

12:00 am PT (July 31, 2018) – 23:99 pm PT (August 6, 2018)



Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube)

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