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A demo for Warioware Gold was released earlier this week on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Though the full game will be be out on July 27th, players can experience some of the wacky microgames Warioware Gold has to offer but that isn’t all. Twitter user @PaulNerdFish has found in the electronic manual that Warioware Gold let’s players make their own dubs with the in-game cutscenes.

By going into the Toy Room and accessing “Studio,” players will be able to make their own dubs over the in-game cutscenes. You can then save your dubs to your SD card so you will need to make sure there is plenty of free memory available.

Warioware Gold let's players make their own dubs.

Grazie Mille Paul for bringing this to our attention. Our Editor in Chief is thrilled and has started practicing his Wario impressions for when he finally gets his hands on the game.

Source: @PaulNerdFish (Twitter)

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