Developer: Bishop Games

Publisher: Bishop Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Platformer, Adventure & Action

Release Date: April 26, 2018 (Worldwide)



Are you ready to explore the forgotten world of Numbra? Are you ready to behold and utilize a unique power called the Shadow Core? Well, check out our review of Light Fall and let’s explore the land of Numbra together!

Light Fall

Ever heard of the studio Bishop Games? Well, you may not have as Light Fall is their debut title on Nintendo Switch. Light Fall is a unique platformer and adventure game, where you receive the ability to control a mysterious cube called the Shadow Core. You the main character, have forgotten your past and must explore and save this mysterious land using your new profound powers. Do you have what it takes to prevail in this world of eternal night?

As mentioned above, the main gameplay of Light Fall revolves around your usage of the Shadow Core. As you progress through the different platforming obstacles, you may need the Shadow Core which will summon cubes for you to jump on. Stumble upon some lasers blocking your path? Summon the Shadow Core and simply move it over the lasers to make a path for yourself! This unique twist puts you in control of your actions and will help you pave your own path to success in the land of Numbra. Looking for a sidekick to help you explore the land? As you progress the mysterious owl Stryx will narrate your adventure and offer various tips. Various collectible notes are also hidden, which will help you learn more about the world of Numbra and the main characters forgotten past.

Ever get the urge to speedrun through a level? Well, the game offers a built-in Speedrun mode for those who’d like to challenge their friends! Simply switch your game mode to the Speedrun option, and you’ll be able to compete for a top time in areas you’ve previously completed. Top times will be presented on a leaderboard, so make sure to get out there and show your friends what you’ve got! With the Shadow Core at your side, speedrunning the land of Numbra couldn’t be more action-packed, intense, and fast-paced!

The land of Numbra a world of eternal night, is full of vibrant visual aesthetics that present a unique world. As you progress, you’ll start to see more and more “glow-in-the-dark” like aesthetics as the land of Numbra begins to finally light up in a world of eternal night. As you explore, you’ll hear the various sounds of nature and the peace and calmness of the world. The only other sounds present are the sounds of your own character moving and the actions that he does.

Light Fall review

Although this was Bishop Games’s first release on Nintendo Switch, I can definitely say they knocked it out of the park. I thoroughly enjoyed Light Fall and the unique twists given on the platformer genre with the Shadow Core. Although it was a blast to tackle in Single-player, I found a huge amount of my time taken part in Speedruns of the game’s multitude of areas. Light Fall is definitely a game for those platformer fans and speed runners alike. I did have a couple minor things that I disliked, but all of the minor issues have been addressed in the games upcoming patch. The final boss has been reworked, and they changed the overall display of the various yellow orb collectibles.




Is Light Fall a worthy entry into the platformer genre on Nintendo Switch? Does it stand out from the rest? If you asked yourself any of the above questions, then you’d be correct in saying that Light Fall is a worthy purchase. From the unique twists of the Shadow Core, to the fast-pace gameplay, Light Fall has a little something for everyone. Do you like speedrunning levels? Well, the speedrun mode has a lot to desire for those gaming fans.





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