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Given the number of conversations we have had with some of readers, just like us, a lot of you are fans of the animated Castlevania series and are curious to know, just when exactly will the second series will drop?

Castlevania Season 2

As we have previously heard, a third series is already in the works, which Netflix have still yet to officially confirm and the second series is meant to be out this Summer. In a recent tweet however, from Castlevania series writer Warren Ellis, although the series is still on the cards for this year, even he doesn’t know when the series will air. So as nice as it would be, to get the show sometime next month, like we did last year, fans might need to plan the waiting game for longer than previously believed. It is a gutter, but it is what it is and there’s nothing we can do to change it.  So, until something more concrete comes, the following tweet is all we have to go by:

Source: @warrenellis (Twitter)

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