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The My Nintendo Website for North America has updated its rewards to included a special Splatoon 2 reward. To celebrate the release of the Octo Expansion this week. My Nintendo members can download the Octo Expansion printable box art cover and show their love for the game. The reward will cost 30 platinum points and is only available to North America. If you would like to spend your platinum points, you can go straight to the My Nintendo site here.

If you are not a North America My Nintendo Member, you can still get your hands on the PDF file courtesy of Splatoon News. You can find out more below the image.

Octo Expansion Printable Box Art Cover

@SplatoonNews has uploaded the PDF file of the Octo Expansion printable box art cover to Google Drive so now anyone can download the PDF if they want to. We won’t be providing the direct link but we do have the tweet below that includes the link.

This is by no means official and surely we all want to support Nintendo and the My Nintendo Rewards program. However, Nintendo really need to make their rewards region free just like they have the Nintendo Switch. To be fair, most of the rewards are all digital rewards so it’s not like Nintendo has to ship anything like the original Nintendo Club rewards program. Of course, My Nintendo Japan does have physical rewards but Nintendo could always make the North America, European and Australian My Nintendo websites share the same rewards.


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