Pirate Pop Plus

Developer: dadako

Publisher: 13AM Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Arcade & Action

Release Date: May 31, 2018 (EU & NA)



Are you ready to pop and shoot some bubbles? Pirate Pop Plus is a fun retro-styled bubble shooter game with some fun twists!


Dadako has created a game that is quite unique that mixes simple gameplay with retro-inspired graphics. Although this is Dadako’s first game on the Nintendo Switch, 13AM Games are no strangers to Nintendo consoles. 13am Games are well known for the Runbow series, which has seen previous releases on both 3DS and Wii U with a Switch release currently on the way. A new IP, Doublecross is also on the way from the folks at 13AM Games. Having released this game previously on the 3DS and Wii U console, the gameplay is just as great in a portable fashion!


The gameplay and story revolves around you, aka Pete Jr., who is trying to take down the dastardly Bubble Pirate, who has been trapping people inside of bubbles! You enter a level and immediately encounter the Bubble Pirate and he begins dropping down big bubbles on top of you. While only making use of the A button and the D-pad, Your task, is to use your anchor to break the bubble into smaller bubbles until the Bubble Pirate comes to drop more. Although you’re trapped in a box, each of the four walls have magnets on them that are controlled by the Bubble Pirate to offer a twist. As you break bubbles different items may drop such as food that will increase your score or an item that increases your coins earned. Different power-ups may also drop as you pop bubbles! Your goal is to keep progressing to aim for a high score on the highest level you can reach as the bubbles continue to fall. You are a pirate who uses an anchor as a weapon and who collects treasure as it drops from popped bubbles, what more could you ask for? Do you have what it takes to pop the Bubble Pirates bubbles?


The game features a deep customization system using the game’s coins that are earned from playing. You can spend them on things such as backlights, faceplates, D-Pads, buttons, decals, or even borders for the game system, additional soundtracks, and even different characters! All these customization options will allow you to make the game system you play Pirate Pop Plus on in the game a one of a kind. All the characters offered as well will change up the gameplay and offer unique stats then that of the default character.


The pixel art & retro style in the visuals was one of my favorite aspects of Pirate Pop Plus. You have a style that is very reminiscent of that of older Mario and Zelda titles back on the Game Boy and the style of games on the Game and Watch system. This style was just very nice to see in a game like this. Most games you see these days just feature the more modern graphical style and you don’t see many like this that offer a full retro style. The soundtrack offered this full retro style as well. While on the title screen, you can even hear the sounds of seagulls and the waves crash against the shore of the beach! Although the game is limited to one retro tune at first, the ability to unlock up to three other tracks via shop purchase is an awesome plus. This allows for the ability to switch between the four in total for you to change up what you want to listen to!


Overall, I had an amazing time with Pirate Pop Plus. The gameplay was indeed quite simple in nature, but the game was great for short bursts of play while having my switch system on the go. With a prior release of the game on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Pirate Pop Plus on Nintendo Switch is in my mind, the ultimate version due to portability aspect offered by the Switch, which does supersede the portability of the Nintendo 3DS.



Is Pirate Pop Plus worth a buy if you’ve previously owned it on 3DS or Wii U? In my mind it is. Although having not played it on a prior system, Pirate Pop Plus felt right at home on my Nintendo Switch due to the portability alone. The game, although simple, did offer a lot in terms of content and that was due to the vast customization options and the shop system present within the game. With the games low price tag, it is a must own if you like games with a bubble shooter style of gameplay!





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