Developer: Four5six Games

Publisher: Huey Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Arcade & Action

Release Date: May 11, 2018 (EU & NA)




Are you a fan of classic 8-bit styled space shooters? Well if you like Space Invaders, you’ll love Hyper Sentinel on

Huey Games, the studio behind Hyper Sentinel are new to the Switch eShop scene. Are you ready for some retro hyperactive shoot em up action? Hyper Sentinel has entered the fray as Huey Games’ first Nintendo Switch release. Hyper Sentinel is a retro shoot ‘em up that offers a variety of boss fights, power-ups, online leaderboards, and 60 fps gameplay. I found myself comparing the gameplay to the game Space Invaders as they are both very similar in style. Do you have what it takes to achieve a highscore? Three difficulty modes are at your disposal and the challenge of the game is completely up to you!


The overall gameplay is pretty much the same amongst the 12 levels. To play you use the ABXY buttons to fire and shoot at your foes and use the left control stick to switch your ship’s direction. You first start up with destroying the ground targets on a given map. Once the above is done, the maps guardian is revealed and your next objective is to kill it. Enemy weapons are at the guardian’s disposal though, and they will hunt you down as you try to destroy the targets. Does this premise sound interesting to you? It definitely got me hooked on this classic gameplay! Although the game only offered twelve levels, I found myself always going back to finish the given challenges and to achieve a new high score.


Now, let’s take a look at the “Challenges” feature that is present alongside each level. Each level has five associated challenges that are all represented by gold stars (medals). As you complete these challenges you’ll be given the gold star that was associated with the task that you had completed. These tasks often range from earning a certain score in a level, to finishing a given level in a certain amount of time. Do you have what it takes to complete and earn every medal in the game?


For those fans of retro & classic 8-bit themed visuals, Hyper Sentinel is a game not to miss. The retro-inspired graphics felt right at home with the overall style of gameplay. I often felt immersed in the gameplay experience and the visuals are what you’d expect for a “space invader” like style of play. The soundtrack also offered the same retro-inspired immersion and experience. You have one tune that plays while you take down the ground targets, and a remixed version of that same tune when taking on the boss or guardian. Although the soundtrack was good, I would have liked to see a bit more variety and additional tracks.

Overall, I had a really fun and pleasant experience with Hyper Sentinel on Nintendo Switch. The gameplay offered was quite fun and was something I have yet to experience in a Switch game before. With the given challenges and tasks, online leaderboard support, & the variety of game difficulties, I often felt myself going back to each level for more retro goodness. I thoroughly enjoyed Hyper Sentinel and had nothing negative to say about it. Additional levels and Soundtrack variety would have been welcomed additions post launch.



Is Hyper Sentinel on Nintendo Switch the best game of its kind on the Nintendo Switch eShop? I definitely would say it is. For those fans of retro inspired shooters I’d whole heartedly recommend Hyper Sentinel for those looking to satisfy their need. The game offers a ton of retro shooter goodness with the additional perks of level achievements (challenges), and online leaderboard support for each of the twelve levels. Hyper Sentinel is the “Space Invaders” of the Nintendo Switch eShop and it is something you should definitely check out!





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