Piczle Lines DX for Nintendo Switch is receiving another free update on May 31st!

V1.5 released today adds four new puzzle packs with an incredible 80 new puzzles,

bringing the total puzzle count to a whopping 600!

When we released the game on Switch in August 2017 the game had

320 puzzles so we’ve almost doubled the amount through 5 free updates.

AND! Two new tunes have been added to tap along to as you solve puzzles.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new puzzle packs:


Policemen, Hairdresser, Chef


Full moon, Owl, Fireworks

Black & White (Yes, only 2 colors!)

Horse, Penguin, Panda


Exit, Dollar, Music Symbol

Once updated, “V1.5” appears in the top left corner of the title screen.

Piczle Lines DX Homepage:


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