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Hyrule Warriors vs Fire Emblem Warriors

Earlier this month, as a means of doing something new, we did a series of versus battles that pit The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild against Xenoblade Chronicles 2. As expected, Breath of the Wild won, but for Link and Hyrule, the battle is not over yet. With Hyrule Warriors now out on the scene, we felt it was high time to make it and Fire Emblem Warriors go head to head. So, after another week of tweets, it is time to share the final results:

If I’m honest, I actually expected a close battle and yet out of 10 head-t0-heads, Hyrule Warriors claimed 7 wins to Fire Emblem Warriors. Regardless of which one is the crowd favourite though, both are fantastic titles and to all of you who voted and commented, thank you for taking the time to interact! But, if this is your first time seeing our polls, do you agree with each of the outcomes? Let us know!

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  • Short version, Zelda Fans almost universally love Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem fans are generally disappointed with Fire Emblem Warriors.

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