The power of the…cloud?


Nintendo Switch owners have been strangers to the Resident Evil series on their favorite hybrid console due in part to the system only have two games in the series, Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2. This is about to change with Resident Evil 7 coming to the Nintendo Switch, although not in the way that we would expect.

Leave it to Capcom to find ways to shortchange Nintendo fans, as a seemingly good announcement always has that “but” included after it.  In this case, the name of the game says it all. Resident Evil 7: Cloud Edition will be coming to the Switch, with emphasis on the ‘Cloud’ portion of the name.


Whereas a game like Phantasy Star Online 2 is tailor-made for cloud service, Resident Evil 7 kind of leaves you scratching your head as to Capcom’s decision to make it available to Nintendo Switch owners this way, instead of taking the time to optimizing the game and giving it a proper release.

Resident Evil 7: Cloud Edition will retail for 2,00 yen (or roughly $20 USD), and those $20 will buy you a license to play the game for a total of 180 days, making it a glorified rental of six months of the game since you won’t be able to own it.  Granted, the game will come with all of the DLC that has been released thus far, but you will have to rely on a strong internet connection to get the proper experience and not suffer from lag and disconnects.

Thus far, the game hasn’t been announced to have a release outside of Japan, but with E3 coming, it wouldn’t be unexpected for it to be confirmed at or before the conference. About Capcom’s decision to go the ‘Cloud’ route, if this is the only way that the game would have made it to the system, then we should embrace it, but if this is Capcom taking shortcuts again, then hopefully it won’t be something that other companies will decide to follow.

Force in Unison Gaming reacts to Resident Evil 7: Cloud Edition announcement for the Nintendo Switch and the ramifications of Cloud gaming on the system:

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