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Welcome to yet another instalment of The Splatfest Bulletin, our regular summary dedicated to sharing the results of the latest and greatest Splatfests!

We interrupt your Sunday afternoon activities to bring you news of all the latest Splatfest results! The second shell against shell Splatfest battle has come to an end and this time Marina came back swinging! Although she picked a loser with Leo, Donnie has proven himself a winner thanks to having an army of supporters who were more than capable of winning bot Solo and Team battle categories.  Sure, he’s not as popular as Mikey, but it’s Donnie who will be facing down against the mighty Raph next weekend, for the finals!

A video of the results for Europe, North America and Australasia, can be viewed below and despite losing, Marina isn’t all that salty about it:

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Source: Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch)

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