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We interrupt your Sunday afternoon activities to bring you news of a troubling occurrence. The turf war between the Clucky Chickens and Eggcellent Eggs has finally come to a ceasefire and despite both sides seeing a number of casualties in North America, Australasia and Europe, the winning faction is none other than Chicken. Yes, that’s right, Team Chicken gave Team Egg such a beating that they were left scrambled and it is no yoke.

There’s so much egg white in Shifty Station it’s going to be a while before that gets cleaned up and. In all seriousness though, despite having a cowardly name, Team Chicken was anything but, as they were ruthless when it came to battle, as they won 2-1 with Egg seeing its only win thanks to being more popular (that will teach Marina for putting all her eggs in one basket, she should have asked Peter Griffin to help out, as he’d have helped ruffle some feathers). A video of the egg-breaking news can be seen below:

Until next time, Stay Fresh!



Source: Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch)

By Jack Longman

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