Xenoblade Chronicles 2: New Version 1.3.0 Details, Including what Carries over to Advanced New Game Mode & More!

With the big Version 1.3.0 update coming to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 next week, Nintendo have gone ahead and revealed what we can expect from it, just as soon as the update goes live. Instead of having to try and poorly translate the news ourselves though, a user on ResetEra has done that already, so here’s what we know thanks to mockingbird:


Quality of Life Updates:

  • Blades can now be locked, so you can no longer accidentally release them.
  • Core bonding cut-scene can now be skipped.
  • When enlarging the mini-map, icons from the Skip Travel map will now be displayed.
  • Easy Mode is being added.
  • New sorting option for Items.


Advanced New Game Made:

  • Advanced New Game Mode is being added and requires beating the game first and saving to go into this mode.
  • What carries over into New Game+:
    • Driver Levels
    • Unlocked Skills for Drivers and Blades.
    • Blades
    • Items
    • Gold
    • Mercenary Ranking
    • Town Development Level
    • Unique Monster Kills
    • Cut-scenes
  • What doesn’t carry over into New Game+:
    • Quest
    • Heart to Hearts
    • Skip Travel Points
    • Mercenary Missions
  • Things you can do in the Advanced Game Mode that you couldn’t before:
  • Torna’s Blade can now be obtained (Obrona, Sever, Perdido, and Cressidus) Torna’s Drivers can now be obtained as Blades: (Akhos, Patroka, and Mikhail)
  • A certain character now has access to a level 4 special. (Care to guess who? It starts with a P.)
  • ALL blades can now be dispatched on Mercenary Missions, which includes Pyra and Dromarch.
  • New skills have been added to Skill Tree for Drivers
  • You can now lower a Driver’s level when staying at an inn to earn more EXP.
  • Bonus EXP can now be used special items, including one that lets you hold more accessories.

It is also noted by Tetsuya Takahasi (Director of Xenoblade Chronicles 2) that it was intended for the update to come out sooner, but because of the amount of work involved, such as a whole lot of debugging, fabricating this next update, took a lot longer than intended, but by the sounds of things, the wait has been worth it and it gave more players the time to finish a brilliant game for the first time.



 Source: Nintendo via ResetEra


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