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You’re in for a lot of news today readers, Nintendo have shared the results to their financial results briefing today and as usual, a whole lot was revealed, and we’re starting our coverage with a new mobile game that’s been revealed!

We may have only got a Mario Kart port for the Wii U, which still went on to outsell The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but we are getting a new Mario Kart game, after all, only Mario Kart Tour is planned for mobile devices instead. Other than its name, very, very little has been said about the game, but what we do know, is that the game is to release in the next fiscal year, which starts as of April 2018 and ends March 2019. More details are promised at a later date.

We’re not as chuffed as we could have been about this news, as Mario Kart was a series we felt would have been better off avoiding the mobile platform, as F-Zero is a much choice, and would handle great, but hey, we’re getting more Mario Kart and maybe when that one comes out, a Mario Kart 9 will soon follow. (A boy can dream right?)

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