Just a couple of hours ago, The Feh Channel Broadcast for January 2018, had drawn to a close and whether you’ve seen it already, or missed the news entirely, it is time to sieve through the information and provide you with another Miketendo64 Digest!

In typical fashion, we are going to begin this Digest in the same way we begin all of our digests, with a video to the full presentation, so as to cater to our readers who prefer to watch and then read, but don’t worry, after the video, there will be plenty for you to read in the form of highlights, so let’s do this!


  • Feh Channel once again opened up with Feh, the Messenger Owl for the Order of Heroes and host of the Feh Channel.
  • Feh is excited due to celebrating her birthday because Fire Emblem Heroes was first revealed on the 18th of January.
  • Celebratory art that was drawn for the occasion are shown, which includes images of Camilla and other Heroes.


Anniversary Celebration:

  • Many events are planned to Celebrate 1 year of Fire Emblem Heroes, starting at 23:00 PT on the 1st of February for North America (2nd of February at 08:00 CET for most of Europe.)
  • When the event begins, there will be a 1st Anniversary Log-in Bonus, A Double EXP & SP event, new Special Maps: Daily Maps and a 1ST Anniversary present.
  • For 25 consecutive days, Special Daily maps will be added, with Orbs being earned for clearing each map for the first time on Normal and Hard difficulties. (50 Orbs in total can be earned if you beat every level on both difficulties)
  • 1st Anniversary present for Fire Emblem Heroes is 50 Orbs free to all players.
    • Anniversary present Orbs can only be collected between February 1st and March 7th at 22:59 PT (March 8th at 07:59 CET.)
  • Starting on the 3rd of February 3, Developer challenge maps will arrive at 23:00 PT North America (4th of February at 08:00 CET for most of Europe.)
  • On February 8th (9th for Europe,) there will also be new Special Maps arrivle, under the guise of Special Training, which will have 5 maps in total and change daily, and a Daily Grand Hero Battle Revival, starting at 23:00 PT (08:00 CET.)
  • Daily Grand Hero Battle Revival will include battles against Ursula, Navarre, Michalis, Narcian, Robin, Lloyd and Xander. (Xander’s battle will feature an Infernal difficulty option.)
  • Hero Fest is back on the 1st/2nd of February, starting at 23:00 PT/08:00 CET and focuses on “Strong Heroes,” with a 5% Summon rate on all 5 focus Heroes.


New Feature: Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon:

  • A new area is available, entitled the Illusory Dungeon.
  • Enemies enter from the screen on the right hand side of the screen and will attack you.
  • Tap the screen to defeat the foe.
  • Battle bosses and
  • 100 Floors in total, with 1 stage encompassing 5 floors and 20 stages in total.
  • Illusory Dungeon will only be available between February 8th/9th at 23:00 PT/08:00 CET, and ends February 22nd/23rd at 22:59 PT/07:59 CET.


Legendary Hero Summoning Event:

  • Legendary Hero Ike: Vanguard Legend Heroes will be available as part of a special Summoning event that starts on January 30th/31st at 23:00 PT/08:00 CET.
  • A Tempest Trials Mini will also kick off on January 30th/31st at 23:00 PT/08:00 CET, and will have Ike play a role in it.

New Event: A Hero Rises:

  • In a similar vein to the Choose Your Legends voting event, an event called A Hero Rises, will have you vote for your most favourite Hero in Fire Emblem Heroes and the top voted character will become available to every player, as a 5


*End of Presentation Information.

Sadly, there was no news regarding any results to the recent survey, but that Illusory Dungeon event looks like a lot of fun, so definitely be sure to check that out.  We hope you found our Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel (January 2018) Digest helpful and walk away informed!



Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube)

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