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In case you have yet to hear, Corecell Technology are developing AeternoBlade II for Nintendo Switch, but while 2 won’t be out for quite some time, 1 is just around the corner.

Developed originally for the Nintendo 3DS, the original AeternoBlade is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on the 1st of February and to celebrate such an impending release, in addition to getting a few EU codes for the game, to be used to review it and use as part of a giveaway, we also got to have 4 questions answered as well, so here’s a couple of things about the Switch port for AeternoBlade you didn’t know previously:

The Decision to Bring AeternoBlade 1 to Nintendo Switch:

“AeternoBlade 1 was born on the Nintendo 3DS, we want new players on Switch have a chance to play our game too. Moreover, because AeternoBlade 2 is coming to Switch, by porting 1, players can now play both AeternoBlade 1 & 2 on Switch, when the time comes.”


No New Features:

“Sorry, but due to our small team focusing on the development of AeternoBlade 2, we didn’t add any new features to AeternoBlade 1 for Nintendo Switch. Leaving it exactly as it was, was the best option for us.”


Duration of the Port:

“Around 4 months.”


What’s the Latest with AeternoBlade II:

“I can’t say that much now, However, I believe it is going to be a good game for our fans”.

A quick thanks goes out to Noppon Wannapensakun for his quick responses and for the codes he gave us. We will be announcing our giveaway soon enough and we will have a review for you soon as well, so be sure to keep an eye out!



Source: Noppon Wannapensakun of Corecell Technology

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