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Viewers beware, Dracula’s coming back!


After what was a phenomenal showing last year, with the 4 episode long Season 1 Castlevania show being met with praise, the release period for the second series has finally been divulged by series writer Warren Ellis. Castlevania will return this Summer and consists of 8 episodes, the latter of which is nothing new as it has been stated a couple of times the second season would be twice as long as the first.

It is a shame we all have to wait a good few months until then, but maybe we’ll get lucky and Castlevania will repeat its actions from last year and have the whole season broadcasted on the same day, as opposed to being drip feed to viewers, week by week.


Sadly, this is all the news we got to, but when more does come, we’ll be sure to share it and if you never experienced the series, then you clearly need to watch it, because it is fantastic and this is a trailer for it:

Source: @warrenellis (Twitter)

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  • Can’t wait, this basically just started getting really heated up at the end of the first season.

    • I really enjoyed the series too. It has a dark adult sense of humour and the animation is well done. I match rather watch animation like this as it stays truer to the original context than say a live-action series.

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