Want to Battle Players in Real Time? Want to Build a Town? A Fire Emblem Heroes Survey Has Begun

2018 is just around the corner, and it seems we have not seen the last of Fire Emblem Heroes, because going by a new survey that’s available now, big changes could be underway!

When logging in to the Fire Emblem Heroes app today, not only can you find yourself being notified of a new Legendary Hero joining the battle tomorrow, but there is a survey available as well. Participating will earn you 5 Orbs that are to be sent out in Mid-January or later in 2018, but upon going through it myself, there is more to it than meets the eye!

With exactly 50 questions to answer, with most being about how do you feel about most aspects of the game, with both positive and negative options available, there are also questions of a different nature that ask how would you feel about new certain modes. Modes where you can work together with another player to beat a stage, battle another player in real time, or just build and expand a town, and attack the town belonging to someone else, and just in case you need photo proof of this, we tweeted some:

Given the nature of the survey, to any Fire Emblem Heroes fan reading this, we do encourage you to check it out, as the survey is worth going through and if it’s a direct link you want, then here it is:



Together, we can make the Fire Emblem Heroes experience in 2018, be exactly what we want!



Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile Application)


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