[Patch Notes] Fire Emblem Warriors Version 1.3.0 (Time to Make a Date with the Fire Emblem Fates DLC)

Whether you own Fire Emblem Warriors on your New 3DS, or your Nintendo Switch, a new update is out for the Warriors title and it has more to offer then just the Fates DLC Pack, so here’s what the update consists of:


Fire Emblem Warriors Version 1.3.0 Update Contents: (Nintendo Switch)

  • Fire Emblem Fates Pack compatibility has been added.
  • The level cap for characters has been increased to 110.
  • New weapon rank S, has been added.
  • Weapon attribute, Fury Builder, has been added.
  • New blessings have been added.
  • New crests have been added.
  • Various bug fixes.


 Source: Fire Emblem Warriors


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