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It’s been a while since we’ve gone and done a double, but after posting one interview with Fabraz today, concerning their news of them becoming publishers and bringing SpiritSphere DX to the Nintendo Switch, it’s time to post our second interview with them. They do after all have a fantastic title available on Nintendo’s latest platform, so without further ado, it’s time to talk about Slime-san:


In typical interview fashion, would you be so kind to introduce yourself to our readers, tell us a bit about your history in the video games industry and what is your involvement with Slime-san?


Fabian Rastorfer: Hey ya! My name’s Fabian Rastorfer and I’m the founder of Fabraz. We worked on games like Cannon Crasha, Planet Diver and most recently Slime-san!


Thank you, and now with the introduction out of the way, we shall now properly commence with the interview.


*          *          *          *          *


Slime-san in a Nutshell:

Miketendo64: For our readers who have never previously experienced Slime-san, in your own words, what is it and how does it play?

Fabian Rastorfer: You’re a small slime that gets eaten up whole by a giant worm. Your goal is to platform yourself through its innards back out of its mouth! It’s a fast-paced, action filled platformer that includes tons of challenging levels and quirky characters.

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No Spoilers:

Miketendo64: With sales going the way that they are, have there been any more discussions regarding a physical release and what’s the latest on that?

Fabian Rastorfer: I can promise you all this: Something’s happening! I can’t give more details than that right now.

Miketendo64: Well that sounds promising.


More to Come for Slime-san:

Miketendo64: Other than the additional content you have already revealed for Slime-san such as Sheeple’s Sequel, are there plans for even more additional content like support for Video Capture and is there anything you can talk about at this time?

Fabian Rastorfer: The first content patch is Blackbird’s Kraken and includes a brand new campaign, 25+ levels, a new hub town, HUE sliders, 2 new mini-games and online leaderboards! It’s a massive patch that increases the game’s content by 30%. After that, we’ll patch in Sheeple’s Sequel, the second content patch that is about equally large. After that, we’ll see what comes next! But there’s a lot to look forward to!

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The Possibility of Paid Content of Fabraz’s Games on Switch:

Miketendo64: Given some of the similarities between Slime-san and Shovel Knight, both starting out as a game, with plans for new campaigns, have you considered giving Slime-san the Treasure Trove treatment and make it more of a collection of games, with the main campaign being the main game, with the DLC and the New Game+ acting as alternative games? A Slime-san: Slime Stories if you will.

Fabian Rastorfer: We’ve thought about it! We do sell the content patches separately on Steam, maybe we’ll do the same for on the Switch someday.


Fabraz’s Next Game will be Something else Entirely:

Miketendo64: While it is great to see you continuing to support Slime-san, there will come a day when all support will end. When it does, will you move on to developing a Slime-san sequel, or a Slime-san like game, but something else entirely?

Fabian Rastorfer: We’re still busy with Slime-san for a while, but we do have a plan set for the next game and it’ll be something else entirely.

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No Metroid in Slime-san but it “Would have been Cool!”:

Miketendo64: Since Nintendo do allow Nindie developers to apply to use first and third party amiibo for their games, prior to the Switch release, was there any discussion about trying to make a bid to use the Metroid amiibo to have Metroids replace enemies?

Fabian Rastorfer: Haha, no, but that would have been cool!


No Current Plans for Porting Slime-san to the Nintendo 3DS:

Miketendo64: Since Switch does work great as a portable console and Slime-san looks great on it, have you thought about bringing the game to the 3DS, as it will more than fit in and be warmly welcomed?

Fabian Rastorfer: It’s always a possibility but Nintendo would have to show us interest in it! As of right now it’s not on the table, sorry!

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A Message for the Fans:

Miketendo64: And because there’s always time for one last question, here’s ours for you once again: Is there anything you would like to say to your ever growing fanbase and supporters?

Fabian Rastorfer: If you’re a fan of our lil’ green slime, there’s a lot to be excited for! We’ve got some other secret announcements coming soon! Sayonara!


*          *          *          *          *


Fabian, thank you for your participation in both our interviews. It was nice to chat with you and we greatly look forward to all the goodness you have planned for Nintendo platforms.

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