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Welcome to yet another Miketendo64 Splatoon 2 feature. Except instead of being our Ammo Knights Newsletter, this is The Splatfest Bulletin, a feature dedicated to sharing the results of the most recent Splatfests!

With both the 5th European and 5th Japanese Splatfest well and truly over, both Marina and Pearl have both walked away victorious as Marina’s Team Warm Outerwear and Pearl’s Team Film have both won their retrospective event by a score of 2-1.


In Japan, Team Outerwear won in both Popularity and Team Battles, with Team Innerwear being able to hold their own and walk away with the most Solo wins and in Europe, a very similar thing had occurred. Only, while Team Film won more Team Battles, they absolutely smashed in when it came to Popularity as Team Film had 76% of all votes, which of course means Marina now has to attend a movie night over at Pearls. (Sorry Marina.)

For any of our readers who are interested in seeing how the Queen of the Splatfest battle between Pearl and Marina is progressing, here is a complete list of their previous battles for all regions:

Japanese Splatfest Results:

 Pearl (1/5 Wins)

 Marina (4/5 Wins) 







 With Lemon

Without Lemon

Warm Innerwear

Warm Outerwear


European Splatfest Results:

 Pearl (5/5 Wins)

 Marina (0/5 Wins) 




 Front Roll

Back Roll

 Warm Breakfast

Cold Breakfast




 Oceanian & North American Splatfest Results:

 Pearl (3/4 Wins)

Marina (1/4 Wins)









With Pearl leading with 9 victories compared to Marina’s 5, it might be a couple of months before we see the two stand on an equal footing, but with the next Splatfest being the battle of Sweaters vs Socks, which kicks off next week, there is every chance Marina might be able to gain a well needed win. She could definitely do with one since she has yet to get a single one in Europe!


Until next time, Stay Fresh!



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  • They really are lopsided, like every time. I might have to check the statistics, I don’t recall the Splatfests on the previous Splatoon being this way.

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