Rhythm Heaven Fever Review

Still, Rhythm Heaven Fever is an absolute blast to play, look at and listen to: it is a feast for the senses. Games who embrace a simple approach to gameplay often rely on being addictive as a mean to achieve success, and an extremely addictive title is precisely the final result that comes out of this cauldron of insanity, wackiness, lack of common sense, music, colors and rhythm. Sure, there a few frustrating moments here and there; sure, some of the issues the game presents are addressed by any course of Game Design 101 out there; but what matters in the end is the bottom line, and the bottom line is Rhythm Heaven Fever is, like its predecessors, a unique gem among music games. It is original in its concept, outrageous in its presentation, silly in its heart and amusing in its feel. Rhythm Heaven Fever is, by all means, a game that is worth playing.


Original in its concept, outrageous in its presentation, silly in its heart and amusing its feel

rhythm_heaven_fever2In a world where, most of the times, more is usually seen as better, gamers who appreciate the two sides of the gaming world (its capacity to produce gems that are impressively big and complex, but to also come up with titles that are delightfully simple)  end up falling victim to an extreme need to play something that is stripped down, straightforward and fun; a game that does not demand huge amounts of physical or mental exercise, and that amuses without trying too hard. This huge void, caused by the industry’s intense rush to increasingly produce games with more flash, is where simplicity is acknowledged as a redeeming quality, and that space is occasionally filled up by companies with very creative minds that have no fear of swimming against the undertow.

Rhythm Heaven first…

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