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In typically Friday fashion, we have intercepted another report from the tumblr side of the Squid Research Lab, only while there is news to a new weapon being added very soon, the report has lots of other information as well. So to properly kick off our biggest newsletter to date, here’s the latest with regards to SplatNet2 and details for North America’s forthcoming Splatfest:


We just heard there’s been an update to the SplatNet 2 app. A page for Salmon Run has been added, so now you can check not only the shift schedule, but also the stage and supplied weapons. Just like the in-game schedule, the app displays info for the next 5 work-shifts, with more detailed info for the next two shifts.

You may also notice the menu bar design on the bottom has slightly changed to improve usability, making it easier to access Annie’s SplatNet shop. This update is live now, so feel free to check it out yourself!


Good news – the next Splatfest is almost here, and this one is a toughie for lovers of fantastical fiction: do you prefer Science Fiction or Fantasy?

Hmmm, this isn’t an easy decision – but Splatfests aren’t about easy decisions! Do you prefer exploring space or slaying dragons? Technology or magic? Aliens or fairies? Hot dogs or sandwiches?!

(Wait. Disregard that last one.)

If you have a strong opinion about this debate, don’t forget to start the game up later tonight and pledge allegiance to lasers or lances.

The Splatfest kicks off next Friday, 11/17, at 9PM PT!


And now it’s time to share wheat has been said about the newest weapon planned for release and provide the usual date and time details as to when you can expect to get hold of it:

Reports are in that something a little nouveau will soon be on the shelves of Ammo Knights. “Nouveau” as in “Inkbrush Nouveau.” This bristling beauty matches the stats of the Inkbrush but has a kit that’s built for speed. It comes with the Ink Mine sub weapon and the Baller special to break through your enemies’ defences.

19:00 PT (November 10th)

22:00 ET (November 10th)

03:00 BST/UTC (November 11th)

04:00 CEST/UTC+1 (November 11th)

11:00 JST (November 11th)


Until next time, Stay Fresh!

Source: Splatoonus (tumblr) 1, 2 & 3

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