Blackbelly Skatepark Will Make a Return/Debut in Splatoon 2 this Weekend

Since it is Thursday, it’s a little too early to have a new weapon revealed for Splatoon 2, but the Squid Research Lab does in fact have something else to report.

According to their findings, Blackbelly Skatepark from the original game will be making an appearance in Splatoon 2 from this weekend onwards and you can read their full findings right here:

Reports are in that Blackbelly Skatepark is preparing for a grand reopening on Friday, October 27th! (28th for Europe and Japan.) Some may remember this stage from before: it features many ramps and hills, and the cylindrical tower is still found smack dab in the middle. However, after performing a highly scientific comparison, it appears that the two spawn points are further back on elevated platforms. This means added protection from enterprising enemies who may be hanging about.

Until next time, Stay Fresh!


 Source: Splatoonus (tumblr)


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