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In continuation with #MarioWeek at Miketendo64, it’s time to hit you with another Mario & Me and while the majority of the instalments will mostly revolve around those of us who contribute to Miketendo64, as we talk about what Mario means to us, we won’t be the only contributors.


Plot twist, we have even invited some developers to do the same, which means it’s time to hear from our first developer and it is none other than Image & Forms Julius Guldborg! So what are we waiting for? It’s time to put him through his paces with our Quick Fire round:



Q1. Name and/or Known Alias? Julius Guldbog, community manager at Image & Form Games

Q2. First Mario game you played? Super Mario 64.

Q3. Last Mario game you played? Super Mario Odyssey… at Gamescom a few months back.

Q4. Favourite Power-up? Not sure if this counts but here we go: The Garlic Pot from Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land. (It turns you into Bull Wario, remember?) – (It counts!)

Q5. Least favourite Power-up? Don’t think I have one, but the Fire Flower would be dangerous in real life!

Q6. Favourite Boss Battle? Any boss fight from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Q7. Least favourite Boss Battle? I struggled with the final boss in Sunshine

 Q8. Mario or Luigi? Luigi Forever! <3

Q9. Princess Peach or Princess Daisy? We haven’t had that many chances to get to know Daisy, so I’d say Peach.

Q10. Metal Mario or Rabbid Mario? Rabbid Mario is my new favorite animal.

Q11. Frog Suit or Racoon Suit? Frogs are cooler!

Q12. Goombas or Koopa Troopers? Goombas, you just have to feel sorry for them!

Q13. Super Mario Odyssey, physical or digital purchase? I buy all my games digital, so I’ll patiently be waiting for Nintendo eShop to update!

Q14. Playing Mario alone, or with a friend? Both!

Q15. Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2? Galaxy 2 is my favorite game. Period.


And from short answers, it’s time we moved on to the longer answers, so here’s the Final Three round:


What does Mario and his associated franchise mean to you? 

It’s all about fun, joy and friendship! No other games captures pure joy like Mario.


What is a Mario moment you will always treasure?

When I orbited a small planet in Galaxy 1 for the first time.


What are you most looking forwards to doing in Super Mario Odyssey?

Possess a human and lead a simple life in New Donk City.


Julius, thank you for taking the time to make your mark on #MarioWeek. Your answers, like all answers we receive, are most appreciated and if any of our beloved readers feel like contributing, here are the two ways you can do so:

1) Comment any answer to any question you want in the comments.

2) Answer them all and send us an email with your answers to miketendo64@gmail.com!


Just like yesterday, this is just the first instalment we have lined up for today, as we will be posting another one straight after! So no need to wait, because even more is on its way!

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