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While Kirby Battle Royale isn’t due out in North America until the 19th of January, 2018, it’s out next month for Europe and today Nintendo has come forwards to announce all kinds of details about the game, including a demo that is available to those in Europe, which if downloaded and played, the save data can carry over to the main game and unlock Meta Knight as a fighter and we’ve got the full details right here:




Free demo version launches on Nintendo eShop today, with save data transfer unlocking Meta Knight as a playable character in the full game


19th October, 2017 – Challenge your friends and let battle commence! It’s time to find out who’s the toughest Kirby of them all, when Kirby Battle Royale releases in Europe on 3rd November, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS family systems. A free demo version* which lets players try three of the game’s 10 different battle modes launches on Nintendo eShop today, and by transferring their demo save data across to the full game once launched, budding battlers will be able to unlock the mysterious Meta Knight as a playable character.

Kirby Battle Royale is a fast-paced 3D action game in which players take on the role of Kirby and go head-to-head against other Kirbies. There are 10 different battle modes and 13 Kirby copy abilities to unlock, all of which can be enjoyed across online multiplayer**, local multiplayer and a single-player Story Mode. The game also supports Download Play***, so up to four players can battle it out using a single copy of the game. Each of the 10 varied battle modes is designed for four combatants, either in two-versus-two or every Kirby for himself. A few of the battles you can expect to encounter:

  • Battle Arena: Float like a butterfly and sting like a Kir-bee in this frantic four-way throwdown. Charge into battle and smash the other players to smithereens! Keep them guessing from one battle to the next by changing up your copy abilities, and they won’t know what hit them.
  • Apple Scramble: A frenetic and tactical two-versus-two mode. Each team must race to grab apples from the nearby trees, scoring points by dropping them through a trapdoor. You can stack them high to score a load of points in one go, but it’s not all about being a peaceful gatherer – you can also reap rewards by turning hunter, and attacking your opponents to steal their apples. Be on your guard though, as they’ll be looking to do the same – and expect the pace to hot up even further whenever a valuable golden apple appears.
  • Crazy Theater: You’ll never quite know what’s coming next, as each round throws up a different challenge, such as attacking a specific player, dodging an asteroid shower, or solving a quickfire calculation. You can be sure that your opponents will be trying to disrupt you, so you’ll need quick wits and quick reflexes to come out on top!


*Only one copy of the game is required for Download Play using multiple Nintendo 3DS family systems.


Players will earn Battle Coins for their in-game accomplishments, such as advancing through the leagues in Story Mode, and these can be spent on a wide range of in-game collectibles, including headgear for Kirby to wear. The game is also compatible with Kirby series amiibo****, which add extra items to the collection. For example, tapping the Kirby amiibo figure will unlock the Ultra Sword Hat. Players can experiment with the other Kirby series amiibo once the game launches to see what they unlock!

To give a taster of the upcoming action, a free demo version* of Kirby Battle Royale releases on Nintendo eShop this afternoon. Players can dive straight into the melee mayhem of Battle Arena and Apple Scramble, with the frantic challenges of Crazy Theater also unlockable. Anyone who’s enjoyed the multiplayer fighting fun of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe should be sure to give the Kirby Battle Royale demo a whirl. What’s more, demo players who purchase the full game and transfer their save data across will unlock Meta Knight as a playable character, usually only unlockable after advancing to the final league in Story Mode. Can you rise to King Dedede’s challenge?


Can you survive in a Kirby-eat-Kirby world? Take to the arena and test your mettle when Kirby Battle Royale launches in Europe, both as a packaged version at retail and a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop, on Nintendo 3DS family systems on 3rd November 2017.



But wait, there’s more! As well as the news above, there is also a new trailer out of the demo and gameplay footage of the demo in action and we’re sharing both right here:

Source: Nintendo PR & NintenDaan (YouTube)

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