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While Tanzia was something of a surprise on Thursday, it was not the only one as Vblank Entertainment also had something special to share!

A physical release for Retro City Rampage on Nintendo Switch will be available next week in both Collector’s and Standard editions and because we were curious to know more about them, we got in touch to ask a few questions and now we’re going to share a few answers:


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First and foremost, why both a Collector’s and Standard Edition? 

Brian Provinciano: I wanted to make it the Switch release extra special, but since cartridges are already a notable cost in themselves, I chose to also offer a simpler package at a lower price point for those just wanting the game itself.


How long have you been planning on doing such a release for Nintendo Switch?

Brian Provinciano: It’s something I’d been working to make happen for a long time, but wasn’t going to promise it until it was a sure thing. I waited until the licensing and approvals were official and a release date could be locked in.


How much will each one cost?

Brian Provinciano: The Standard Edition is $29.99 and the Collector’s Edition is $44.99.


Although you can’t give exact numbers, how have Switch sales for Retro City Rampage DX been for Switch compared to other platforms?

Brian Provinciano: I’m incredibly happy with how well RCR:DX has performed on the Switch eShop. After the huge success on 3DS, it’s clear that it really resonates strongly with Nintendo players, and convinces me even more the importance of supporting the platform with future titles.


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Having reviewed Retro City Rampage DX earlier this year for the Nintendo Switch, it is definitely a game worth checking out if you haven’t yet and if you are going to check it out, why not go physical? You will not regret it!



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