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For anyone curious to learn as to when the new update for ARMS will roll out, we now have a vague date and it is the middle of September, so the update can very well drop next week!

But according to what was said in a new tweet, there will be more to the update than just Lola Pop and the expected ARMS balancing, as customisable controls are coming, in the form of players being able to adjust the sensitivity for motion controls. As for Lola Pop, some recently shared information has also been disclosed on her, which includes the name of her stage, her ARMS and we’ve got it all right here:


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Lola Pop’s Description: (As Provided by Nintendo Treehouse’s JC R.)


Like sweets, yet scared of clowns? Well, whatever awesome mental image you might have going on in your head, keep reading… 

Before Lola Pop gets released to the public, I wanted to learn the ins and outs of her circus act. I’ve been spending a few hours at my desk with her each day, and while I’m sure my frame-counting buddies in the FGC will dig up more specifics after she releases, I thought I’d gather a bit of info for you guys to get the uhhh…ball rolling.


Lola Pop is a character who has interesting movement options and her movement patterns, if timed properly, are quite…odd. You see, unlike most characters, her movement changes—but only while she’s in a blocking state. I mean, I don’t normally do this, but I find myself blocking a lot more with her than with anyone else because it’s FUN. In short, she has three movement options she can execute during her inflated block state:

  • She can move forward and backward while blocking.
  • She can execute a very fast dodge in a sharp arc to the right or left.
  • She can also jump higher than normal


By pressing and holding the dodge button while she’s in the air, you can use this weird fast-falling bouncy block that makes her bounce when she hits the ground. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: but does it combo?” And the answer is “yes, yes it does.” You can chain these bounces one after another, but the moment you punch between bounces, you won’t be able to bounce again. Come to think of it, this makes her the only character that can technically block while in the air.


STAGE: Via Dulce

Lola Pop’s ARMS:

  • The Funchuk: Acts a bit like a Slapamander with some extra startup time and a stun attribute, making it easy to chain a powered up hit into a grab.
  • The Biffler: A light 3-shot weapon that has good vertical coverage and inflicts blind for a short period of time.
  • The Clapback: Acts like a Guardian, but has an additional feature, it can reflect incoming attacks back toward the opponent.
    • There are two ways to use the Clapback that can return incoming ARMS to their sender. The first way is to simply activate the Clapback and hide behind it. For a certain amount of hits, it’ll automatically redirect all ARMS back at the opponent. The second is to first power-up the ARM before sending it out. When charged, it’ll reflect any ARM back at the enemy in a powered-up state, whether it was charged in the first place or not!

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Just as soon as the update is out, we’ll be back to provide an update in the form of the complete patch notes.


Source: @ARMS_Cobutter (Twitter) & Nintendo Treehouse (tumblr)

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